Photo by Jason Janick

Bowling for Soup

"The four-piece from Texas are credited with contributing to the genre ‘punk pop’ and they were keen to remind us that this genre isn’t dead by playing a high energy tribute to other bands such as Blink 182, Green Day and Jimmy Eat World in a medley of some of their most notable hits..."

"They sounded as good as they ever have and the crowd proved just how much they loved the music by singing along so loudly that you could see how moved Jaret was when he let us sing along without him."

- Kerrang Radio



Rhymin' n' Stealin'

"Rhymin’ N Stealin’ resuscitates audiences with high-energy performances of Beastie Boys favorites.  Unlike the typical tribute band, Rhymin’ N Stealin’ doesn’t ask for nostalgia or remembrance – they show audiences why the Beastie Boys still kick ass right now.  Part intricate homage, part obsession, Rhymin’ N Stealin’ has set itself apart from the tribute band rank and file since forming in 2009.  After selling out their first show at the House of Blues Dallas, Rhymin’ N Stealin’ earned national notoriety by meticulously recreating the Beastie Boys experience, headlining Public & Corporate shows across North America."

- Rhymin' N' Stealin'



The O's

"Easily the best new band of the year, The O's ,with their minimal musical set-up, have created one of the richest sounds of any band I've heard in awhile. This may only be a duo, but there is nothing lacking in their sound. And no, this is not another White Stripes wannabe duo, but rather a country duo that is more reminiscent of Everly Brothers. The live shows are truly awe-inspiring, touching, and fun, all rolled into one melodious package."

- The Ghost of Blind Lemon




"Every now and then, I wonder if other area bands secretly loathe Calhoun. Not for any petty reasons, but rather, that the core duo of Tim Locke and Jordan Roberts (which has endured since Calhoun's 2004 formation) make lush, irresistibly melodic pop-rock, flecked with hints of alt-country, look so damned easy. Calhoun delivered a stunner with its 2008 sophomore long-player, Falter Waver Cultivate and, not long after it was released, elected to take a year off, much to the chagrin of critics and fans alike."






11:00am  ::  Festival Opens

12:00pm  ::  STV Almrausch

1:00pm  ::  LHHS Cheerleaders

1:30pm  ::  LHHS Highlandettes

2:00pm  ::  STV Almrausch

2:45pm  ::  LHHS Wranglers

3:30pm  ::  Calhoun

5:00pm  ::  The O's

6:05pm  ::  Franconia Brewing Co. Toasts and Keg Tapping

6:30pm  ::  Rhymin N Stealin

8:15pm  ::  Bowling For Soup

10:00pm  ::  Festival Closes