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rhymin and stealin

Rhymin' n' Stealin'

"Rhymin’ N Stealin’ resuscitates audiences with high-energy performances of Beastie Boys favorites.  Unlike the typical tribute band, Rhymin’ N Stealin’ doesn’t ask for nostalgia or remembrance – they show audiences why the Beastie Boys still kick ass right now.  Part intricate homage, part obsession, Rhymin’ N Stealin’ has set itself apart from the tribute band rank and file since forming in 2009.  After selling out their first show at the House of Blues Dallas, Rhymin’ N Stealin’ earned national notoriety by meticulously recreating the Beastie Boys experience, headlining Public & Corporate shows across North America."

- Rhymin' N' Stealin'




Photo by Bill Ellison


Since 2003 Petty Theft has drawn huge crowds to all sorts of venues and events, with a slavish devotion to the music of Tom Petty in all its forms–with the Heartbreakers, solo, with the Traveling Wilburys, whatever shape it may take; if it has his fingerprints on it somewhere, it’s in play for Petty Theft.  Getting it right and playing it tight is what Petty Theft does, rolling out timeless big hits one after another,  lesser hits which will make you think ‘Man!–I’ve not heard that in years!’, and a sprinkle of deep tracks and songs by other artists Petty has been connected with through the years. 

- Petty Theft


pearl gem.jpg

Pearl Gem

"From the corduroy jackets, combat boots, flannel shirts, and crazy hats, to the amazing sound that Pearl Jam created during the grunge revolution, Pearl Gem energetically brings it back to stage in a captivating performance. All of the favorite Pearl Jam songs are masterfully replicated such as; Jeremy, Black, Betterman, Evenflow and Alive, to name a few, through a band that spares no expense to make its audience feel like they stepped into a time warp to 1992."

Pearl Gem :: The Ultimate Pearl Jam Concert Experience


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"The core of all art is the voice of the soul.  We need to feel the voice of the author speaking directly to us, and when we do, it is that connection that speaks beyond the words and music, to a deeper place.  Though just in his mid teens, Parker possesses such a deep resonance in his spirit that it jumps beyond the songs.  There's a gentleness and innocence in delivery that makes the listener lean in and desire to understand, but fundamentally it is the firm bedrock of the voice that carries Parker's message.  It is fantastic to meet such a promising young artist at the dawn of this journey and I look forward to watching the journey unfold." - Ian Moore

- ParkerTwomey.com