The 2019 Line-up is still being setup, but take a look at what we had last year at the 2018 Oktoberfest Dallas.



Bob Schneider


One of Austin’s most celebrated musicians, Bob Schneider, is set to release his new album, Blood and Bones - his 7th studio album since his 2001 solo debut Lonelyland - on June 8th via his Shockorama Records imprint. Blood and Bones captures Schneider at a unique, and distinct, place. “Most of the songs are about this phase of my life,” he admits. “I’m re-married, I have a 2-year-old baby daughter who was born over two months premature because my wife had life threatening preeclampsia. So dealing with that traumatic event while getting older and looking at death in a realistic, matter of fact way, experiencing the most joy I’ve ever experienced along with feelings of utter despondency in a way that would have been impossible to experience earlier in my life, all comes out in the songs. My relationship with my wife is the longest committed relationship I’ve ever been in, so there was a lot of unchartered territory there to write about.” [ read more ]





Photo by Bill Ellison


Since 2003 Petty Theft has drawn huge crowds to all sorts of venues and events, with a slavish devotion to the music of Tom Petty in all its forms–with the Heartbreakers, solo, with the Traveling Wilburys, whatever shape it may take; if it has his fingerprints on it somewhere, it’s in play for Petty Theft.  Getting it right and playing it tight is what Petty Theft does, rolling out timeless big hits one after another,  lesser hits which will make you think ‘Man!–I’ve not heard that in years!’, and a sprinkle of deep tracks and songs by other artists Petty has been connected with through the years. 

- Petty Theft


epic unplugged.jpg


"An MTV Unplugged experience featuring a full band with vocals and a string quartet, playing EPIC rock songs from artists such as Pink Floyd, Foo Fighters, Zeppelin, and more!Æ



Pedigo's Magic Pilsner.jpg


“Beautiful set of songs that perfectly walks the line between hilarious and heartfelt. Pedigo's Magic Pilsner is a triumph. Drink up, y'all.”

- Rhett Miller, Old 97's 

"All at once complex, ethereal, elegant, and substantive; provoking thought about the choices and situations in daily life"

- No Depression

"Pedigo’s Magic Pilsner conjures a punk rock anguish mixed with the high energy rock and soul of Josh Ritter and Justin Townes Earle."

- Glide Magazine



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